Diagnostics Center
URL: http://diaprom.com/
Address: office 329, Gazgoldernaya st. 14, Moscow 109518
Telephone/Fax: (495) 690-9195


JSC "STCD" is a multi-business engineering company.

The key business lines are:

1) development, design, supply, installation and adjustment supervision, support of operation of diagnostic systems, software and hardware packages for process automation, I&C systems, I&C of electrical equipment, measurement systems, simulators, sensors, electronic units and modules;

2) development of programs for random process data processing, archives of time realization, process models, virtual and digital models;

3) research experiments, measurements, data processing;

4) service maintenance;

5) development of lifecycle and service life management of equipment and systems;

6) development of requirements management systems;

7) development of knowledge management systems;

8) consulting services in the field of process engineering and economics;

9) expert reviews.